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26th October 2005

After reading up on various lifehack articles about sleep, such as cutting sleep down to only a couple of hours per night using polyphasic sleep patterns, etc. I thought I would try not using an alram clock. Shortly after I started, this article “Alarm Clocks Are Bad“ came along! Instead, though, I trust my instincts – and don’t have an alarm, at all. I mean, they tell you alarm clocks are bad, and then advise that you have two! One for light quiet music to cue you to wake up and another in case you don’t. Chickens.

For the past week I haven’t used an alarm clock at all, and woken within 15 minutes of my normal wake up time. I am waking up less drowsy, and more ready to go.

I will be wimping out tomorrow though, I’ve got to get up at 5am to get to Leeds for a 10:30am meeting and I think I’ll use the alarm.

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  • 1 On Wed, 26/10/2005 - 22:36, Leon (not verified) said:

    Dave, Glad those posts helped you.

    Dave, Glad those posts helped you. After researching all those articles and resources, I am training myself to wake up without an alarm clock – I still set it for the latest I need to wake up, but now seems I usually wake up before it goes off. How good is it! — Leon

  • 2 On Thu, 27/10/2005 - 08:21, Val Angier (not verified) said:

    Now I know I haven't got a sleep problem.

    Now I know I haven’t got a sleep problem. It’s normal and good for you to wake up every 2 hours through the night!

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